AFTER THE FALL Announces summer 2021 Release Date

From the creators of Arizona Sunshine comes an epic VR action first-person shooter set in the frozen remnants of an alternative LA from the 1980s, with intense 4-player co-op gameplay at its core. In After the Fall , players and their friends battle it out across platforms in an increasingly hostile post-apocalyptic VR world.

After the Fall was developed from the ground up for a cross-platform VR rollout, also with cross-platform multiplayer, 4-player co-op functionality and support for a variety of VR play styles. After the Fall, it offers an impressive ride in hell for experienced VR players and also welcomes VR newbies when they conquer the contaminated, urban wasteland around a Los Angeles of the 1980s together with friends or other players.

"Since the early concept phase, After the Fall has been about uniting VR players as teams through the cross-platform multiplayer functionality - regardless of the device they are playing on. At a time of widespread social isolation, this goal now seems to have additional relevance, ”said Richard Stitselaar, Studio Director at Vertigo Games. " We're excited to be entering this next phase of the campaign, where we can tell more about the game and get more players excited as we prepare for launch ."

With full VR motion control, players feel in after the falllike a slightly overpowering 1980s action hero when they engage in the fast-paced battle of the game with real movements. In teams of four - or accompanied by AI companions - players will venture into enemy territory and use an arsenal of unique deadly weapons against hordes of Snowbreed - ferocious undead creatures that drove humanity underground - everything to ensure the survival of mankind for one more day.

Key features:

Epic multiplayer VR shooter

Go out alone or with allies and experience a campaign in a post-apocalyptic

Hell is frozen over

Discovering, looking for food and surviving in a “strange” world - the Snowbreed -infected ruins of a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles look like an alternative 1980.

Massive Boss Battles

Players must survive unprecedented hordes, wage tactical battles, and think strategically and weigh up before they face impressive boss opponents.

Develop your own fighting style

Players craft, improve and wield a huge variety of deadly weapons and destructive powers - all through the use of real body movement.

After the Fall will be released for PlayStation VR, PC VR and other unannounced VR platforms in the summer of 2021.

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