Star Exodus | Announced

Updated: Feb 5

Developer: DreamStorm Studios Publisher: Games Operators

Platform: PC Genres: Strategy, Indie, Survival, RTS, Open World Release Date: Jan 2022 Price: TBD

Embark on a space odyssey with this single player, real-time strategy game defined by exploration and player’s choices.

You have the ability to Roam through endless space, manning you assembled fleet, fighting alien races for resources. real-time strategy game defined by exploration and player’s choices.


  • Extract valuable resources from across the galaxy. Control and manage them wisely. Remember not to run out of food or fuel, and adjust your ships to your crew’s needs. Remember that if you lose a ship, all associated resources associated are gone.

  • Keep your crew’s morale high. In the end, your team is the most important resource you have, and you’re only as strong as your fleet. Think carefully before making every decision and try to be a responsible and conscious leader not to be abandoned due to poor management decisions.

  • Let your decisions shape the plot. Decide about the lives of not only your enemies but, more importantly, your crew. Be ready for the varied consequences your choices will bring. Remember that no two games will be the same, so try to discover all alternative endings and create your own story.

  • Be ready for close encounters of the third kind. Space is endless, and so are the possibilities of meeting various alien spaceships during exploration. Usually, their crews will attempt to brutally remove you from their path. It will be your job as captain to decide whether to protect your crew and escape or face the enemy fleet. Use environmental elements to trick your opponents or hide. Send battleships or ambush hostile aliens by lurking behind asteroids to protect your team. Don’t be too reckless, as the aliens may be smarter than you think.

  • Build the strongest space fleet around. Assign utilities to specific ships and customize your fleet as you develop. Choose the right tools to upgrade and modify your ships according to your needs. Meet and recruit friendly ships. See if you’ve got what it takes to build a powerful, truly unstoppable space fleet.

  • Decide what to do with the resources at your disposal. You choose to what extent you’ll take your space exploration. You can even create an entire society within your fleet. One thing is certain – you have possibilities no one on earth could ever imagine. The only question is – what will you do with them?

Star Exodus is being developed for PC by DreamStorm Studios and will be published by Games Operators.

More information about the game can be found on Steam, the publisher’s Facebook, and Twitter.

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