Total War: Warhammer III | Announced

Updated: Feb 5

Developer: Creative Assembly Publisher: SEGA

Platform: PC Genres: Strategy, Indie, Survival, RTS, Open World Release Date: Late 2021 Price: $59.99

Time to jump back into Total War: Warhammer series as the third installment of the game has been announced.

Both pervious entries into the series have been well received by both fans of the total war series and Warhammer franchise alike. Creative Assembly was formed in 1987 and this BAFTA award winning studio has worked on the Total War series since its creation with Shogun Total War. To date more than 34 million copies of series have been sold. The announcement was accompanied with a cinematic trailer and new art work.



The decisions you make in Total War III WARHAMMER shape the conflict that will change the reality, mysterious territories East to the Chaos Realms infested demons. This opus, the culmination of the Total War: WARHAMMER trilogy, offers an unprecedented strategy game experience. Due to its exceptional scale, this clash includes new iconic races from the universe of Warhammer the game of fantastic battles , including the very first appearances of Kislev and Cathay in a video game, as well as the factions of Chaos ( Khorne , Nurgle , Slaanesh and Tzeentch ). Players will go to war with the widest diversity of legendary heroes, gargantuan monsters, flying creatures, and magical powers the series has ever seen. “Our goal from the start was to create a series of games that would take players on an incredible journey through this world we all love so much. " Explained Ian Roxburgh, Game Director. " The tremendous support from the players made the first two games a success and took our ambitions to the next level, which is why we can't wait for everyone to experience this third episode. " "The know-how, involvement and loyalty to the world of Warhammer that Creative Assembly has shown over the years working on the illustrious Total War Warhammer franchise have made Games Workshop happy, as well as fans of the Warhammer. whole world. " Said Jon Gillard, global head of licensing. “Creating and developing the Cathay and Kislev armies for this project has been a lot of fun for our developers and we look forward to seeing them in action in this colossal third installment. " In a grandiose new campaign, you'll have to choose between saving a dying god or harnessing his powers. Each race offers you the possibility of taking a different path in the nightmarish Realm of Chaos, which will seal the fate of the world with its decisive outcome. The coming confrontation will swallow everything up. Will you be able to overcome your demons? Or to order them?

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