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The survival genre is really going strong right now so there is lots of competition for high quality games that stand out. Expedition Zero has just be announced and it peaked my interest because of its horror nature. Yes! Zombies classify as horror but Expedition Zero seems to take this concept even further.

This single player game is set in the heart of Serbia where you have to use your engineering skills to confront flesh eating monsters as the last survivor of a soviet scientific expedition.

An unexpected meteorite crash has tuned the endless Siberian forest of Taiga into a nightmare exclusion zone. The military base in the area has gone silent and the locals are talked of a obscure flesh eating creatures and devastated villages. You as part of the most advanced soviet scientific team was immediately sent to the zone with state of the art research technology and mechanized protective suits.

Many years later you the sole remaining member of that team are still trying to find a way home!

The game will have you confronting the many mysteries and monsters of the forest. Upgrading your mechanized suit, crafting gadgets and discovering new technologies. You will be forced to deal with the Siberian elements and endless horror as you search to uncover the truth of Expedition Zero.


  • Soviet engineer against monsters: confront dreadful creatures with brains and brawn, use your ingenuity and technical skills instead of weapons

  • Survive in the freezing Siberian taiga forest full of mysteries, unknown threats and endless horror

  • Upgrade your mechanized suit, craft Soviet gadgets and discover new technologies

  • Uncover the truth of Expedition Zero



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