Gloria Victis Siege Survival - DEMO Available

Developer: FishTankStudio Publisher: Black Eye Games

Platform: PC Release Date: Jan 29th 2021

Price: TBD

Playable Demo Available As Part Of Steam Game Festival

Set in the Middle Ages Siege Survival: Gloria Victis has you leading a group of civilians to try and survive the brutal siege of your city. Scouring the city for resources, this management strategy game has you crafting supplies and keeping the troops well stocked to prevent the city from being overrun.

Game Overview Set in the same medieval environment as the Gloria Victis MMORPG - with its gritty realism, player driven economy and warring factions with swords and shields a plenty - the game sees your country being invaded and your city under siege; your group of civilians are trapped in the last remaining stronghold and are hanging on for dear life. Although you don’t participate in the fighting directly, the fate of the city is in your hands.

  • Scavenging: Venturing out from the safety of your keep, you have to explore the ransacked city at night to collect raw materials, abandoned goods and weapons that you need to survive and hold out long enough for the reinforcements to drive away the attackers.

  • Crafting & resource management: You need better weapons, a roof over your head, hot food and all the other trappings that just existing entail; and the only way you’ll get these is if you and your team craft them. But resources are scarce and you’ll need to manage them wisely to make it through in one piece.

  • Surviving: Defending what’s left of your city are a few tired troops in dire need of arrows, weapons and armour; along with treatment for the wounded. You need to keep this squad supplied and supported in every way possible ahead of their battles every few days; otherwise the enemy will storm the keep. Not only that, but you have to avoid the enemy soldiers when you go out into no man’s land every night.

Surrounding all this are numerous tough moral choices, tasks and a woven narrative that will take the player on a journey through Edring.



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