Gods Will Fall DLC Roadmap Revealed

New gods, objects and dangers await brave players

Deep Silver reveals more details about the upcoming DLC ​​for Gods Will Fall . The DLC "Dolmen Depths" will be available free of charge to all players in Q2 in addition to the three paid content packages. Each of the DLC packs, which will be released throughout second and third quarters of 2021, contain a completely new level, a new terrifying deity, new items, skills and cosmetic items for the warriors. In each of the first two DLC packages, an extra weapon class will be added, and the upper world will also be supplemented with some new features. Owners of the Valiant Edition enjoy full convenience, because all new content is automatically installed when it is published. In the second quarter, all owners of the game can look forward to a gift in the form of the free DLC "Dolmen Depths", in which you have to explore a mysterious underworld and free a long-lost warrior from the afterlife, who if your own troop is successful connects. This will not be an easy undertaking, however this procedurally generated dungeon is teeming with gruesome enemies who try with all their might to keep the dead where they belong.

DLC Roadmap


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