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Developer: MeanAstronauts Publisher: MeanAstronauts

Platform: PC Genres: Strategy, Adventure, Indie, City Builder Release Date: TBA Price: TBD

Robin Hood Builders of Sherwood is a game that combines RPG gameplay with city building elements in a fusion of genres we hardly ever get to see. Where you will be able to steal, rob, and fight to help the poor and build your own forest village.

Its not often when you are looking at new games that one peaks your interest for the unusual blend of RPG and city building. Historically my favorite type of games.

Robin Hood is a Medieval legend of folk lore who fought against the sheriff of Nottingham during his return from the crusades. The game has you setting out in the classic hero role destined to fight the oppression and tyranny in the kingdom. The game will play out in the 3rd person perceptive unless you enter the city building mechanics where it will zoom to a move traditional strategy camera.

The game promises a free open world to explore where you will be able to ride horses, steal from the rich, fight, and develop your forest village and its community. The hope is here that as you explore and develop the community that there is real meaningful change to how the game plays and things on offer to the player.

Along the way you will get to meet many of the famous names from Robin Hoods folk lore stores such as: Lady Marion, Little John, Brother Tuck, Allan from the Valley and Will Scarlet. I hope all these characters are well fleshed out with the rich story of legends to be told.

Like any good rebel your first task will be to build a camp, and in this case a forest camp for your merry men. As the camp grows it will attract new inhabitants. Flocking to build a better life under the guidance and protection of Robin Hood. Once the people arrive you will have to make sure you care for them with appropriate living conditions, food, clothing, equipment and weapons both for close combat and long range combat.

Just like today your new inhabitants will need jobs. You will have to assign them to guilds and train them in there new positions. There will be a wide variety of jobs to do, remember we are building a village, you will need: hunters, guards, robbers, builders, farmers.

In addition you will need to trade will other local traders and farmers to supplement your supplies. It would be great to see as the game world expands and as you help more people, I wonder if the progression is tied less to the character but the village as a whole.

Now how do we go about getting that gold. There are a number of different ways that this can be accomplished such as ambushing royal convoys in Sherwood Forest, assaulting sheriff knights, fighting dangerous bandits, robbing the houses of wealthy representatives of the aristocracy.


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