Sapper - Defuse the Bomb Simulator | Coming Soon

Can you handle the pressure and get that bomb defused!! Cut the RED or BLUE wire?

I guess as a bomb disposal expert you can only be wrong once?! So lets hope you have what it takes to be a Sapper as you get sent in to make the tough decisions and get those bombs diffused. Even after all the training and all the theoretical knowledge all that you can depend on is yourself as you have to make the call and get the job done.

If this appeals to you than Sapper - Defuse the Bomb Simulator might need to be added to your game list. This first person perspective simulator allows you to learn the ins and outs of one of the worlds most dangerous professions. You start off as a Rookie and try to live long enough to gain the experience needed to stop a mad bomber from watching the world burn.

The game will have you searching, lockpicking, hacking, disarming, and operating under pressure.


  • Work in different locations. Explore the city, sweep the local forest, or investigate the factory. You never know from where the next bomb alert will appear.

  • Search for bombs. Here comes Captain Obvious – if you want to defuse a bomb, first you need to find it. You have no idea how many places bombs can be planted. Multiply that by the bomber’s creativity and imagination, and suddenly, it turns out that finding a bomb is quite often more difficult than disarming it.

  • Pick locks. There will be many locked doors in your way but remember that they shouldn’t stop you from saving lives.

  • Hack. As a sapper, you must be a person of many talents, so congratulate yourself that you haven’t spent all your time on the computer playing games.

  • Train. Some call it boring, demanding, and too long, but you know that a rookie without training is a dead rookie. You’d much rather stay alive, and save a life or two on occasion.

  • Work under intense time pressure. Having nerves of steel is a must for this job. No shaky hands! Do you think you can handle the stress?

  • Defuse bombs and mines. Here is where the real “fun” starts. Disarm bombs before time runs out. Or, make a mistake, and don’t – but this will be the last mistake of your life.

Sapper – Defuse The Bomb Simulator is being developed by Live Motion Games. The title will be published on PC on March 11th this year, and later also on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch by Gaming Factory.




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