Sea of Thieves : Fate of the Morning Star Walkthrough / Guide

Sea of Thieves has many great Tall Tales. This guide is designed to walk you through the key points of the Fate of the Morning Star Tall Tale. We recently played through the whole quest on live stream. Along with the images we have a video of the adventure with more detail time indexed below.

Step 1: Start of the Tall Tale

Location: Ferry of the Damn

In order to get the quest your going to have to kill your self, no you read that right the book is next to the Captain on the Ferry of the Damned. Easy way to do this is jump in the water and drown yourself. Remember the majority of your crew has to vote on the Tall Tale ! Below is Image of Books Location / Video Link: Step 1

Step 2: Find the Lantern on Marauders Arch

Location: Marauders Arch

Upon receiving the book go ahead and read its details. The book will state that the location you have to travel to next. You are heading off to collect a lantern that will allow you to see the spirits of the dead.

Below is the First pages of the Book stating that we should head to Marauders Arch.

Once you reach the Island follow the instructions to find the Tomb on the "Highest Peak."

This is pretty easy to see once you arrive and you can hurry up to the top of the peak to dig.

Below is Image of Tomb Location / Video Link: Step 2

Step 3: Find and Help Release the Spirits

Location: Kraken Fall

After you find the Tomb you receive new notes for the Tall Tale book. Inside will be the location of some saved souls and souls that are marooned and in need of saving. After looking at the location of the saved souls head there to kraken falls. Below is Image of Book Highlighting the location of Krakens Fall

Once you arrive at Krakens Fall you will have to use the lantern to follow the clues. Upon heading to the North East Sands you must hold the quest lantern up to see the arrival of Greymarrow and his skeletons. Follow the footsteps and their journey until they come upon 3 men at a camp. These men scatter with the skeletons in pursuit, you need to follow the foot steps of each man to find the 3 chests their souls have been placed in and the keys there Skelton captors had throw away.

(Beware that one of the Captors Death is on top of a hill on the ground is a map showing the souls chest with a X) - After the soul is taken look for drag marks to the chest location and skeleton foot prints to find the key.

Below is Image of Skeletons Taking Souls / Video Link: Step 3

Step 4: Return to the Ferry of the Damned

Location: Ferry of the Damn

Time to kill yourself again! This allows you to return to the Ferry of the Damned to talk to the Captain and complete the Tall Tale. You can also talk to the souls you saved for some back story!

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