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Sea of Thieves has many great Tall Tales. This guide is designed to walk you through the key points of the Shores of Gold Tall Tale. We recently played through the whole quest on live stream. Along with the images we have a video of the adventure with more detail time indexed below. This was one long Tall Tale so plan for at least 2hrs to really get through it

Step 1: Start of the Tall Tale

Location: Morrows Peak Outpost

The quest starts at Morrows Peak Outpost. The location is top of the hill just outside the tavern. You will see opposite the taverns entrance a woman with flaming gear and just to her right is a book. Below is Image of Books Location / Video Link: Step 1

Step 2: Find the Hidden Island Shores of Gold

Location: Shores of Gold

Upon receiving the book and you will notice the shroundbreaker is now strapped next to the ship wheel. Now you need to head off the map to an uncharted area to find the Shores of Gold. Its directly north of the outpost in the top right hand corner of the map.

As you head through the shroud look for a giant island in the distance and head that way. There is only one Island in this part of the map.

As you get closer to the edge of the map you will notice that the sea turns red but don't worry keep pushing on. You will pass through the shroud when you get to the Island, the front of the ship will glow red and it can get a little hard to see what is in front of you. I advise standing at the bow of the ship to see or send a ship mate up the mask to help guide you in.

Below is image showing the Shores of Gold location / Video Link: Step 2

Step 3: Completing the Vaults and Getting the Medallions

Location: Shores of Gold

Once you arrive on the Island you will have to collect four medallions to unlock the compass vault. Each medallion has to be collected from the smaller vaults around the Island marked as North, South, East and West vaults. The tall tale book has clues on how to complete each vault and marks their locations. (Hint: The map also marks some rather large ruins, use these as a center point to help orientate yourself around the map.) Below is Image of Book Highlighting the location of the vaults

Shores of Gold - Eastern Vault (Warrior)

To start the vault lite the braziers fires. The door will close and you will have limited time to solve the puzzle. This vault will have you making a key symbol from the rotating pillars. As you walk in above the pillars is the image of the key that you have to make. The left side is the bottom of the key and the far right is the top of the key.

Below is Image of Key / Video Link: Eastern Vault

Shores of Gold - Northern Vault (Octopus)

To start the vault lite the braziers fires. The door will close and you will have to solve the puzzle while trying not to die as the spikes around you keep going off. This vault will have you entering four symbols the same, there is only one symbol on each pillar that matches so you will have to spin them to work it out. As you can see from the video there are a couple of safe spaces to stand while you spin the pillars. It helps if one spins the pillars and other crew members stand by to revive if something goes wrong.

Below is Image of Spikes Everywhere / Video Link: Northern Vault

Shores of Gold - Southern Vault (Shark)

To start the vault lite the braziers fires. The door will close and you will have limited time to solve the puzzle. This vault will have you entering 3 of the 4 symbols from the book. Only three of the pillars work so by spinning them you will have to find the present symbols. After you enter three complete sequences the puzzle is solved.

Below is Image of Symbols Page in the Quest Book / Video Link: Southern Vault

Shores of Gold - Western Vault (Boat)

Here is the most time consuming vault. To start the vault lite the braziers fires. The door will remain open but you have to travel the island looking for the symbols in the locations marked on the brazier pedestal. (Hint: They are at the ? mark spots on the map) Two of them require you to find levers to open the clue / Two require you to stand on a button to raise the symbol.

Below is Image of Locations in the Quest Book / Video Link: Western Vault

After you have all the vaults medallions make sure you run them all to the compass vault on the above map. Input them into the medallion station and a small rock on the left hand side will move revealing the Gold Hoarder Coin you need to open the main vault on the Island. Below is image of the Medallion wall

Step 4: Enter the Gold Hoarder Vault

Location: Shores of Gold

Once you have the Gold Hoarder Coin you have to use it to unlock the master vault. You will have to cannon yourself from your vessel onto the broken statue that matches the image in the book. The ruins are marked at the center of the island. Depending where you landed the ship you might have to sail around the island into the bay near the ruins.

Below is location of the Statue you need to land on / Video Link: Statue Landing

When you land on her lap you can drop down to open a door at her feet leading down into the vault. Once you head into the vault with the key you will place it by the first closed door you find and then progress through the map and obstacles.

The obstacles a pretty straight forward. Kill waves of enemies until it is clear to open a door, jump through traps, and make your way over difficult paths. Link to this part of the video shows you the important parts of the run through: Vault Challenges

Step 5: Defeat Gold Hoarder Boss

Location: Shores of Gold

Eventually you will make your way to a throne room with a boss to fight. As you approach the throne he will activate and he is a damage sponge. There is ammo on the left hand side and a right side at the far back as you enter the room. Make sure to loot the barrels in the room for food! Watch out for his specials as he will summon skeletons around him and occasionally explode sending you flying. Once you do enough damage he will teleport away and the process repeats. Below is image of the Throne Room / Video Link: Final Battle

Step 6: Head Back to Hand in the Skull

Location: Shores of Gold

When you kill him, he will drop his skull which you can hand into the Order of Souls for 10k Gold. Killing him also sets off a Tall Tale Ending - A pirate legend will speak to you. This is longest tall tale yet and if you made it this far great job!

Below is image of the Ending

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