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Star Citizen’s First Dynamic Event Launches Today with Massive Server-wide Space Battles Featuring Capital Ships

Star Citizen continues to be a game that players want to back and play even through its many trials. Cloud Imperium founded in 2012 wanted to make a different kind of triple AAA studio delivering games outside the established publisher system.

So what is happening:

CIG is calling on all pilots to join the fight against the terrorist organization known as “XenoThreat” in the game’s first-ever, server-wide Dynamic Event. Unmatched in size, scope, and scale for any prior event in Star Citizen to-date, the “Assault on Stanton” Dynamic Event features multiple phases scheduled to play out over multiple days as pilots band together and rally to the defense of the Stanton System.

This will be the first time Star Citizen pilots will have the chance to join forces with the UEE Navy and lead assaults against enemy capital ships. Expect large-scale encounters featuring AI controlled fleets including capital ships.

When is this happening:

Assault on Stanton Dynamic Event is underway today, Friday, February 5.

Event Duration:

The duration of Dynamic Events is expected to play out over the course of a series of days. Its final length will be dependent on player participation and progress.

Where to go:

To join the Assault on Stanton Dynamic Event, Star Citizen pilots should log in and check for an alert from the Civilian Defense Force (CDF). A CDF liaison will automatically provide further instructions within the game.

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