The Pegasus Expedition looks for Backing!

Are you ready for a combination of Epic Sci-fi story and grand space strategy?

This new indie game is coming from Kalla Gamesworks based in Finland. They are a collective of industry professionals and enthusiast with a passion for creating immersive and atmospheric games.

The games story is set in 2262 with humanity at war. With multiple centuries of spacefaring and colonization we have achieved a presence in a dozen star systems and expanded to six habitable planets. Due to this expansion we encountered an alien life form called "The Colossals" that are hostile to all other life forms. This advanced alien race destroyed mankind's colonies one by one until now only earth remained.

Earths only hope is to build a portal that could lead mankind to a dwarf galaxy called Pegasus. The plan is to look for anything that could turn the tide of war. If nothing could be found it would allow mankind to have refugee for a time. Three fleets are sent through the portal with only 15 years to find the answer.

The Pegasus Expedition will be a 4x Strategy game driven by its deep story and narrative.

Key Features

  • Immense handcrafted world – a re-playable campaign set in a rich, vast world, with each unique playthrough lasting up to over 40 hours.

  • Conflict and tragedy – experience a deep storyline, where no-one is perfect and ends will often have to justify the means.

  • Choose to be the leader you wish to be – face difficult moral choices in difficult times, and suffer their consequences.

  • Rewarding gameplay experience – Versatile 4X gameplay with many different approaches to various challenges the campaign presents.

  • Meaningful diplomacy – a diverse and versatile system with over 30 independent factions in the galaxy.

You will play as the Director of Zeus link fleet. You will have to control all aspects of the fleet and make critical decisions with your counsel. To survive this new galaxy you will have to improve and build your forces. Manage your limited resources to train your personnel and choose the right person for the job. Assigning the correct admirals, governors and special operative will assist you on the way to victory.

When you arrive in the Pegasus galaxy all you will have is your fleet. You will have to develop a way to function and build a working economy. Through diplomacy you will interact with independent factions each with their own unique wants and desires. If diplomacy fails you can turn to Stellar warfare, planning out your strategies and battle plans.

With a new galaxy to explore you will have to find new discoveries to support the expedition and bring that better future for mankind. You can explore derelict civilizations to uncover new mysteries as you reach out into the stars.

If you want to learn more about the game and its amazing backstory and world. You should head over to there website:

You can support getting this project off the ground by heading over to there IndieGoGo Page:

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