UFC 4 | Review

Developer: Electronic Arts Publisher: EA Sports

Platform: PlayStation, Xbox Release Date: August 14th 2020

Price: $30

Time to step into the Octagon and throw DOWN!

Do you watch UFC on Television, or would like to mimic the real world into the virtual fighting world? UFC4 is a game with both multiplayer and offline modes. This new edition of the UFC franchise features an all-new career story mode and blitz battles, as well as new in-game mechanics and refining legacy gameplay. There is also a ‘star rating system’ that helps better represent the skills of each fighter.

You will start out doing the tutorial against the computer. Once completed, you will have the option to start your career or play one of the many online modes. A must mention is that EA has taken away the ability to pick our favorite weight classes, instead they will give you a rotation of three weight classes each hour and will be selected randomly. The community has mixed feelings about this lack of choice. Career mode: The career mode this year is a little more immersed and in-depth. I feel this year's career mode took a turn into the right direction but still missing several of things wanted by the community. This year you will have the chance to choose your own path to the UFC, you have the options to choose from Dana White's contender series, WFA, or the Amateur circuit. This year EA focuses on giving you the ability to create your own path into the UFC, introducing the new interactive coach Davis, who helps guide you and chat with you throughout the storyline.

Online Ranked

In this year’s Online Ranked you will look to get to the highest division which will be division 20. Picking a lower rated fighter will no more longer yield the same rewards as it once did. You will do your placement matches and go from division 0 and try to get to the number one ranked in the world. You can not pick your weight class, weight class selections rotate hourly with a choice of 3 by a selected system by the company. In a recent patch they have added incentives to using lower-rated fighters, but it still isn't a big enough reward or as last year's EA UFC3. You are now able to see your opponent fighter selection when in the lobby, previously you were not able to see until the fighter was already starting. This prevented any opponents from trying to counter pick against you.

Blitz battles

EA has removed the mode "Ultimate Team'' and have replaced it with "Blitz battles''. In Blitz you will get a rotation of different game modes, such as "Taekwondo" ,"Kicks Only" ,"A Minute To Win" , and more cool and unique game modes. There will be a chosen Weightclass chosen for that mode and you will be able to select your created fighters. This is a fun, non-competitive mode to play while not trying to lose your spot in ranked, or when you're feeling like having some casual fun.


The gameplay brings a new mode called Blitz battles. Also new arenas such as the kumite and backyard. New ground and pound positions and better graphics and knockouts. It will feature a totally different submission system, rather you are you go for a Join submission or a choke you will get two different mini games while going for a sub. All new takedown animations. Last but not least new clinch control which would be controversially most important. We have no clinch denial but added animations in clinch and integrated into the striking system allowing you to do more.


The in-game playlist includes a mix of pop and hip hop culture of U.K with U.S. Includes artists like, Eminiem, J.Cole, and Stormzy. A total of 30 songs, you can find on spotify!

Final Thoughts

Final thoughts: I still think UFC 4 is in need of some changes, but the developers are still patching the game and there is potential for improvement. I would recommend getting it for the 30 bucks that is on right now, but wouldn't get for full 60 bucks. I'm really wanting a clinch denial, a lot of the newer "cheese" (cheap, unrealistic tactics) tends to be more the clinch and in UFC3 we had a clinch denial and we did not have that issue. The spotlight on this UFC series is being brought to attention and UFC official Esports are being known in the community. The game changers did a great job on communicating with the community and fishing out bugs, then reporting them to the devs. I believe the increased focus on Esports will only improve the game and the franchise in the future!

Rating - 7/10



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