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Updated: Feb 5

Developer: Terror Dog Studio Publisher: Terror Dog Studio

Platform: PC Release Date: Dec 8th 2020

Price: $4.99

If you ever wanted to try and survive the zombie apocalypse this might be your game. Ultimate Zombie Defense is isometric game where you and up to 3 other players join forces with the sole objective to survive wave after wave of the zombie horde. This game is a cross between that tower defense game you spent far to long playing and old school top down shooters.

Before you jump into the battle you first have to pick one of four classes each with its own set of upgrades that can purchased as you level up that class. Each classes skill tree ends with a ultimate power that helps define your class. I have to say that all the perks leading up to the ultimate power are hard to notice individually in the melee of hundreds of zombies, but as they stack you can feel your ability to climb the wave count becoming easier.

Classes / Abilities

  • Heavy: Berserker Mode that increases damage 500%

  • Medic: Gives 3 secs of invulnerability

  • Specialist: 1% Chance to do 500% Damage

  • Engineer: Gets a drone with turrets to help the fight

Once you have a class you have to pick a map from one of the three currently available maps. Each map as a individual twist.

  • The Bridge - The simplest of the maps has you in the middle of a multi lane bridge facing zombies coming at you from each end. This is a great starting map to get to grips with the game and is the easiest to play offline as a sole.

  • City Outskirts - This raises the challenge by increasing the number of directions that zombie horde attacks from two to four. You are at the center of a city junction. This allows for a last stand play style, build as many defenses you can in a small area.

  • The Mall - This level takes place as you guest it in your typical mall. Lots of places to get trapped but is the best level for that run and gun approach.

The gameplay loop is a simple concept. Wave of Zombie enemies that come at you from lots of different directions depending on the level that you choose. At the end of each wave you get a build and purchase phase. This build phase allows you to purchase defenses with money hard earnt killing those hordes. These defenses scale from wooden barricades to concrete walls and mounted turret to automated death lasers. At each build phase you can replace the destroyed barricades with better ones and repair the the ones that survived the last phase. The defenses are well balanced with early wooden designs working well for the first 5-10 levels before they are just useless and get easily over run. There is an argument to be had that the very best defenses stationary weapons are overpowered if well protected.

Since you only start with a pistol the purchase phase can be used to buy new weapons and specials. From Uzi to LMG and special weapons like grenades launcher and flame throwers. Due to the waves really being based on numbers its hard to recommend any other weapons than the full auto types. The guns behave as you would expect damage wise but why pick a 8 round shotgun over a 100 round LMG with similar reload times. The same can be said for the super weapons, your going to want that grenade launcher.

The zombies behavior is pretty simpler in terms of AI, they come straight for you and destroy everything on that direct path. This can be used to your advantage in how you kite them around. The basic zombie is fairly straight forward but there are a number of different special units that you encounter.

  • Chainsaw - Quickly destroys barriers

  • Explosive - They explode upon shooting them

  • Acid Spitting - They spit acid at you making an area on the floor damaging

  • Grabber - They can grab you over distance and pull you to them

  • Zombie Dogs - Huge hounds that move quicker than standard zombie

  • Giant Berserker - This is a zombie several stories high and is a high wave boss that is a bullet sponge

Even though this can be can all be played solo if you wish. The real fun happens when you and a group of friends team up and plan your defenses. This allows you to get to the higher levels and afford to build those defenses you only dreamed of as a solo.

Final Thoughts

I thought for the money this game was OK bang for the buck. In reviewing this game I played about 3 hrs. I was often left enjoying some parts more than others. First you need to be playing with friends and in having a good time with buddies this game gets a lot better. There are public lobbies and most of the time you can find one, the game averages about 25-75 players online at one time.

The early waves really allow you to get dug in and setup, the lvl 10-20 really is the hardest while you build out your ultimate defense plan. Its at that point the fun kind of drops off! I have had multiple death lasers, automatic turrets, and barriers that no zombie can break 3 layers think. I have 48 rounds in my grenade launcher and 100 round mags on leveled up LMG. I just hold fire! I wish that there was more random occurrences or zombie that can teleport around past your defenses. I know this can become an issue on most tower defense games but I think for this game to move forward it needs to have hard occurrences on later levels.

Rating - 6/10


Green Man Gaming / Humble

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